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Chaga Healing Powers

Chaga Healing Powers

Only chaga harvested from birch trees possesses healing powers. For medical use chaga harvested from live tree trunks only should be used.

Chaga contains below biologically active materials:

- ashes. Oxides of flint, iron, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, zincum, copper, sodium, manganese; oxalic, formic, acetic and vanillin acids; free phenols, polysaccharides, lignine, sterols take parts in ashes

It was determined that chaga fungus increases protective qualities of human body, activates metabolism in cerebral tissues, reduces arterial and venous pressure, has antiinflammatory effect not only if taken internal, but also for external use.

Chaga mushroom tincture ratio 1:5 (1 part of chaga fungus: 5 parts of water) has hypoglycemia effect (blood sugar is lowered); maximum glucose decrease in blood serum is observed in 2-3 hours after chaga decoction was taken in, as to blood sugar, it goes down by almost 30%. It must be mentioned, only decoction produced from inner chaga mushroom parts (brown parts) has above effects. Decoction produced from outer parts of mushroom has no such effects.

As aid сhaga fungus is used in otolaryngologic practice to treat larynx tumors: chaga inhalations with duration 5-7 minutes are taken every day during week. Inhalations improve general feeling of patient, facilitate swallowing and breathing reducing by that inflammatory process and lead to optimum conditions for better tumor treating.

Chaga mushroom is recommended as a fortifying and anti-inflammatory drug to treat digestive tract diseases and as a symptomatic agent at various oncologic diseases. Chaga is taken at chronic gastritises, violations of digestion in a stomach and intestine with the atoniya phenomena.

Birch fungus is used to treat paradontosis.

Scientists proved that products produced from chaga fungus aren't toxic. Treatment with chaga and chaga products are done by courses those last 4-5 months each with 7-10 days brake between courses. Whilst treating with chaga patient should eat more daily products and vegetables. Eating meat, smoked products, canned food and hot spices aren't recommended.

Chaga quickly suppresses pain and removes dyspeptic phenomena, normalizes functions of an intestine, raises general tonus.

At treatment of a psoriasis, eczema and others the dermal diseases which are combined with various inflammatory diseases of a digestive tract, liver and bile-excreting system it is also recommended to use chaga fungus