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Chaga is a Remedy Known for Centuries

Birch fungus chaga and its health giving qualities have been known for a long time; using chaga as a medicine is mentioned in works of famous medieval doctor Abu Ali ibn Chynna (Avicenna).

Different herbs within chaga mushroom have been used as medicines for ages on territory of Russia. It is mentioned in Russian chronicle of the 11th century that grand prince Vladimir Monomakh was cured from lip cancer by taking chaga decoction.

Chaga fungus was used as panacea from many serious illness by Syberian inhabitants in XVI century: diseases of a stomach and intestine, liver and kidneys, lung cancer, diseases of male and female genitals, furuncles(boils), joint pain causes were healed by chaga and herbs infusions.

Gastrointestinal diseases and malignant tumors were recommended to be treated by chaga mushroom in reference books and Russian herbalists of the ХVIII century. Along with these recipes, chaga tea was recommended to drink on regular basis.

People inhabiting Russian Far East and some other regions are used to drinking chaga tea, chaga infusions and decoctions instead of black or green teas. It was noticed by doctors that people from these regions have less cancer issues.

This ancient remedy is especially recommended in cancer cases when surgery, chemio - and radiation therapy should be avoided.

Doctor E. Froben described a successful treatment with chaga decoction of seriously ill patient suffered from parotid gland cancer in 1858 year.

Doctor A. Fruht described a successful treatment with chaga decoction of tumors of the labium that spread on a submandibular gland. Patient was ordered to take concentrated chaga decoction in and applying chaga compresses. Treatment lasted several months and tumor disappeared finally.

It must be mentioned in majority of cases tumor spread was suppressed when chaga was used.

Consuming chaga and chaga products with antibiotics, especially penicillin or/and intravenous injections of glucose is forbidden!

Chaga and antibiotics/intravenous injections of glucose are antagonists.

Thereafter doctors of official medicine got interested in wonderful abilities of a chaga mushroom. Chaga fungus was studied by professor of a pharmaceutics Georg Dragendorff at Derptsky university, but he found no special substances which, in his opinion, could treat oncologic diseases.

Due to great success in the field of organic synthesis doctors of official and traditional medicine began to use various chemical drugs in the medical practice since XIX century. Thousand-year experience of traditional medicine in a cancer therapy served as incentive in studying pharmacological active bonds from mushrooms only in the second half of the XX century. Studying of chaga fungus qualities were continued by

Researches done by Pavlov First Leningrad State Medical University in 70th XX century proved that chaga mushroom promotes rising of oxidation-reduction processes in tissues, has fortifying and tonic effect on the central nervous system, takes out various exacerbations and normalizes kisloto-and fermentoobrazuyushchy function of a stomach and duodenum, restores functions of cholinergic nerves. Studying chaga qualities were continued by professors P.A. Akimov, I. K. Bulatov and ss results of these researches chaga extracts were started to use by official medicine.

All the chaga products are used nowadays to fight against malignant tumours as supportive application along with other methods of treatment and only under doctor's supervision.