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Gastritis Treatment with Chaga

Discussion in 'Digestive Diseases' started by SuchMuch, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. SuchMuch

    SuchMuch Administrator

    St.Petersburg, Russia
    Local Time:
    4:18 PM
    Gastritis is an inflammation of stomach mucosa. There are acute and chronic forms of gastritis.
    Acute gastritis could be caused by hyperalimentation within taking alcohol, some medicinal preparations, low-quality products.
    Chronic gastritis could be caused by taking low-quality food and/or alcohol for a long time, permanent hyperalimentation is another reason. Returning acute gastritises on regular basis could lead to chronic gastritis.

    Gastritis Treatment
    It's more difficult to cure chronic gastritis out than acute gastritis. In case of chronic gastritis healing with chaga is used as supplementary method

    Freshly harvested birch fungus (chaga mushroom) is rinsed with water and then grated. In case of dry chaga, soak it in water (ambient temperature/) for 4-5 hours then grate it. Water used for chaga soaking is not disposed but kept in bottle.

    Boil water and cool it down until its temperature is +50 °C (122 ºF)

    Grated chaga (fresh or soaked) is filled with +50 °C (122 ºF) water in proportion 1 part of chaga and 5 parts of water (1:5) and infused for 48 hours. Then water used for chaga soaking (in case of dry chaga) is added to infusion. Ready chaga infusion could stored in refrigerator no more than 4 days.

    Chaga infusion is taken 1 cup (200 ml) 3 times a days 30 minutes in advance of having meal.